Netflix will release all 20 episodes of Star Trek: Prodigy on July 1st


In a move that is earning lots of fan favor, Netflix will release all twenty episodes of Star Trek: Prodigy's second season on July 1st. With the first season, Paramount+ released ten episodes then there was a wait for the second half of the season. But dropping all twenty episodes at once is getting a big thumbs-up from fans who are ready to take over their internet for as long as it takes them to watch the less than thirty-minute episodes.

Prodigy creators Kevin and Dan Hageman took to twitter to share their excitement about the upcoming launch.

Meanwhile, excecutive producer Aaron Waltke, after Trekculture shared the news and provided a list of countries where the series would not be available, gave a reminder for fans to check their local listings as some countries have the rights to view the series available on services other than Netflix.

Waltke told fans they could find a list of where they can find Prodigy internationally at This didn't make all fans happy as they balked at the expense of other services, with one fan telling Waltke that he should be "protesting this heavily" as this was "cutting out a huge part" of the fanbase. But Waltke isn't part of the distribution side of the animated series so he doesn't have control over which services choose to air it.

Additionally, there was a question as to how long fans have to binge the series to make the biggest impact. Waltke responded with "first few weeks?"

Others shared they'd heard that they had a month to watch the series while another fan chimed in with two weeks. It's probably safe to say that the sooner you can watch all the episodes of Prodigy, the better it will be for the series' chance at a thrid season!

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