No info on Star Trek: Legacy named one of the worst moments of 2023


Star Trek: Legacy is the series every fan is waiting for. Okay, well, maybe not every fan but a good portion of them. We don't even know how many more times we have to say it before we get what we're asking for or we at least get an answer. And in its countdown for the top ten worst moments of 2023, Whatculture tends to agree, bringing this issue in at number one.

I've previously written about the possibility of Legacy being made into a movie, and even if that's going to be the case, is it too much to ask to be told something...anything? Whatculture suggests that maybe the news is being withheld until First Contact Day 2024 so that there will be really something to get excited about as opposed to this year. Maybe that is the case, but as we've said before, actors are going to move on. Some fortunate studio is going to make Terry Matalas an offer he can't refuse. Maybe they already have, and we just don't know about it yet. (Nothing is showing up on his IMDB page.)

Jeri Ryan has already appeared in four episodes of Dark Wind while Michelle Hurd has already been in three projects and has three more coming down the pipeline. Ed Speleers has two projects in post-production so he's not having trouble finding work. And that's just three of the stars. The others have projects either already filmed or waiting to be filmed. Let's face it; none of these actors are going to have a problem moving on which is exactly why Paramount needs to make some concrete decisions. And after they do that, they should let the fans know what's going on so, even as much as it may hurt, we can move on if Legacy isn't going to be produced.

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