No matter how it ends, Star Trek: Discovery at least gave us one good thing

Star Trek: Discovery's legacy isn't it's own show but what it gave the fandom.
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2019 Winter TCA Getty Images Portrait Studio / Robby Klein/GettyImages

Star Trek: Discovery has had a rough outing as a show. That can't be in dispute. Even the most ardent of fans will admit that the show was messy, dark, depressing, and at times uneven at best, and flat-out bad at worst. They had to reboot the show several times to try and get viewers interested in the money pit that was the series.

Aside from brilliant casting, Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, David Ajala, Michelle Yeoh, and the like, the show isn't really known for anything truly good. The show didn't give anything to the franchise that we as a fandom can say safely wasn't done better, elsewhere or, worse yet, was completely unnecessary to add in the first place.

Like Michael Burnham being Spock's sister. No one needed that.

Still, as bad as things had been with Discovery, and beyond the contentions that it caused in the fandom, Discovery did give fans one thing; Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

They're not responsible for Strange New Worlds' success, that was all them, but because of how bleak and at times bad the show was in the first few seasons, the additions of Anson Mount, Rebecca Romijn, and Ethan Peck were seen as revelations. They piqued fans' interest and had they just stayed on the show instead of being spun off, maybe fans would have had a more favorable view of the series.

But they didn't, sadly for Discovery, and the trio spun off into Strange New Worlds, easily one of the best shows that Star Trek has ever produced, at least in the last 20 years. Fans adore that show and while it isn't everyone's cup of coffee, no show is. It's done well to cater to a broad range of fans and didn't try to cater to the lowest common denominators.

So no matter how Discovery ends, at least the fans of it can always hang their hat on introducing Mount to the world as Captain Christopher Pike.

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