One of the best moments of Galaxy Quest was unscripted

Star Trek spoof film, Galaxy Quest, featured an unscripted moment that just screams "good time".
Tim Allen at "Galaxy Quest" premiere
Tim Allen at "Galaxy Quest" premiere / Barry King/GettyImages

Galaxy Quest remains a timeless piece of sci-fi comedy. Born out of deep respect for the classic Star Trek series of the 1960s, the film features a cast of characters from a Trek-like show called "Galaxy Quest". The show aired in the 1980s and was subsequently canceled, similar to the way that Trek was. It featured Tim Allen playing a William Shatner stand-in, who like Shatner, wasn't very popular among his castmates.

Aliens ended up picking the broadcast of the show, thinking they were recordings of actual adventures, then went to Earth to recruit the bridge crew of the show to fight against intergalactic aliens, and along the way, the crew is able to revive interest in the brand.

It features names like Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Sam Rockwell, Tony Shalhoub and Justin Long, among others (Rainn Wilson). In fact, it was one hilarious moment in the early part of the film that has us talking about this delightful romp today.

When the crew was beamed up by the aliens (Therrmians), Rockwell's character noticed the aliens for the first time and well, didn't react well. For whatever reason, Rockwell decided that he was going to add a little flavor to the scene and screamed in terror. Apparently, he did so well pretending to be scared that he actually got Weaver to react for real.

The woman who defeated the queen Alien as Ellen Ripley wasn't able to keep her calm and cool demeanor in the moment and reacted in terror over Rockwell's unscripted response. The scream coincided so well with how Weaver reacted that the call for the film to retain the scene was made and in doing so, created one of the most lasting moments that the film has ever produced.

If you're curious about how this scene went and the rest of the film, you can find it on Pluto TV for free. It's well worth checking out if you're a Star Trek fan.

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