Paramount is expanding Star Trek universe with new film set before Star Trek 2009


While we still await news on the status of Star Trek 4, Paramount is moving forward with another movie that will be a semi-sequel to the film. According to Deadline, the J.J. Abrams' produced film will be an origin story that takes place decades before Star Trek 2009. Deadline also added that insider have confirmed that Star Trek 4 will be the final chapter in that film series.

Paramount has already hired a director for this new project. Toby Haynes, who won a Hugo for his work on Doctor Who, and also helmed Sherlock and Being Human, is set to take the helm. Seth Grahame-Smith, who wrote the New York Times Bestselling novels, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, is writing the script for the new movie. Grahame-Smith also wrote The Lego Batman movie and Now You See Me 3.

Details on the new film are skimpy, but according to Trekmovie, Paramount is looking to build on Star Trek's popularity with multiple films just as the franchise has multiple series available and in production.

Though Patrick Stewart recently said he is awaiting a script for another Star Trek movie, we don't anticipate this is in any way related as this new Trek project will be set decades before Star Trek 2009 which was set in the 23rd century. Star Trek: Picard was set in the 24th century. With this being an origins movie, this could mean Paramount is looking to establish the beginning of Starfleet as it's doubtful the studio will want to go back to the childhood of Captain James T. Kirk. Hopefully, we'll get more information sooner rather than later.

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