Season 2 of Star Trek: Prodigy leaves plenty of room for more seasons


W A R N I N G! This post contains spoilers from the second season of Star Trek: Prodigy, now streaming on Netflix.

Netflix released all twenty episodes of the second season of Star Trek: Prodigy on July 1st, and, like the creators, Kevin and Dan Hageman, have previously said, it could be seen as a nice closure to the series. There were a lot of loose ends tied up, but, thankfully, the door is still wide open for more adventures for the team, especially considering their new assignment.

Not only are Dal, Murf, Zero, Rok-Tahk, Jankom Pog, Gwyn, and new-to-the-team Ma'Jel given field commissions to Starfleet as ensigns, they are assigned to a new version of the Protostar, where their adventures can continue. Not quite the same as what they were used to, but, at least this time, their journeys would be on behalf of the Federation.

Captaining the ship this time is Gwyn instead of Dal, after she proved herself to be a worthy leader and Dal realized he could be a dedicated Number One. And the new crew is assigned to go out into space and make new connections as the rest of Starfleet and the Federation will be focused on the aftereffects of the attack on Mars. That also opens another door for the series to continue Admiral Janeway, Captain Chakotay, and the Doctor's adventures as well. Certainly Voyager-A will be needed in the fight. And with the crew now taking charge of the new Protostar, that leaves either a new ship for Captain Chakotay or perhaps the chance to rejoin Admiral Janeway on the bridge of Voyager.

The new ensigns are also accompanied by an updated version of Hologram Janeway who remembers everything about them, thanks to the Doctor's handy downloading of her program, and she'll be there to guide them just like before. Essentially, the show brought the young team full circle, from a stolen older version of the Protostar to a brand new version of the ship that they've been given because they earned it.

Yes, this season could effectively end the series, but it doesn't need to. There are plenty of other paths that can be taken so that viewers can follow the new Starfleet crew, and, based upon the response on social media, that's exactly what dedicated fans want to see happen. Hopefully, Netflix will see why it needs to #setacourseforseason3!

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