Seth MacFarlane began his career with a homemade episode of Star Trek

Frazer Harrison/GettyImages

There's no denying that Seth MacFarlane is a fan of Star Trek. Not only did he create his own sci-fi series as an homage to Star Trek, but the actor/creator was in an eposide of Star Trek: Enterprise, and Star Trek references have popped up in his animated series, "Family Guy," and "American Dad." And MacFarlane doesn't deny his love of the franchise, with Star Trek: The Next Generation being his favorite.

One has only to look at the MacFarlane's early production of a short Star Trek episode to know which path his career would take. MacFarlane, at a young age, perhaps while still in college, did a good job portraying William Shatner's version of Captain James T. Kirk. As usual, the Enterprise was in trouble, and MacFarlane's Kirk was asking an off-screen Scotty for more power. Standing next to him is John Parley, portraying Spock, who has some intereting eyebrows. And Uhura, played by Anouk, makes an appearance, too.

The clip ended up being shown on an episode of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," [via Slashfilm], and MacFarlane laughed mostly about the wig on his head while both he and Jimmy touched on the younger benefits of metabolism after MacFarlane gave a shoutout to John and Anouk.

MacFarlane has been called a national treasure not only for his love of Star Trek but his ability to create entertainment so seamlessly. Some fans have even suggested that the Trek franchise would do better in MacFarlane's hands than anyone else's. No one can deny that the actor knows how to parlay his talent into good, quality televisoin, and many of us are still hoping he gets to continue utilizing those talents for season four of The Orville.

It'll never be too late to bring The Orville back. dark. Next. It'll never be too late to bring The Orville back