Setting Star Trek: Origins movie in the Prime Timeline is problematic

Gabe Ginsberg/GettyImages

Since the Star Trek: Origins movie was announced, fans were under the impression that it would be based in the Kelvin Timeline. After all, it was set to be a prequel of sorts to Star Trek 2009. But a May 21st article from Variety indicates the film will take place in the main (or Prime) timeline. Being that this movie is essentially going to be another First Contact, setting it in the Prime Timeline is problematic for us fans.

This Origins movie is supposedly set during the "aftermath of humanity's first contact with aliens." But this already played out on the screen with Star Trek: First Contact starring The Next Generation cast. And it was beautifully done. Not too many people have found fault with it. So why is there a reboot coming for a film that is, by and large, one of the best Star Trek films ever?

CinemaBlend writer Mick Joest details some of the issues with Simon Kinberg who is potentially signing on as another producer to the movie, and I have to say, I agree whole-heartedly. The Prime Timeline hasn't had a film since Star Trek: Nemesis in 2002. That timeline embodies all of the Star Trek series, and now, a prequel is being produced that could potentially screw up the timeline in a major way.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is a prequel taking place in Prime, but so far, it hasn't toyed too much with canon. A major motion picture could do that in such a manner that the series don't make sense, and it will only take one person to see it and let the world know what's wrong with it. Then there will be another box office flop in the franchise.

Reasonably, we can hope that the producers know about canon and how to follow it, but setting J.J. Abrams' films in another timeline prevented screw-ups to the Prime Timeline. With a new movie now making its way onto the screen, one that not only is redoing First Contact, but is also squeezing into a space that has, so far, been protected, well, it's understandable why fans are concerned.

I try to maintain positivity when it comes to Star Trek, and I'm usually always happy for a new Trek series or movie, but this one has given me a serious case of the doubts. I'm just hoping the powers-that-be will change their minds or the movie takes place in yet another alternate timeline. We haven't seen the Mirror Universe's take on first contact. That's one I wouldn't mind seeing. There are plenty of other options available for this new film. Fingers crossed they leave the Prime Timeline intact.

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