Several of The Orville actors continue to work on Seth MacFarlane projects which could be good for series


While we still have no news on the future of The Orville or The Orville: New Horizons, if it continues to be called that, we have had bits and pieces of good news. One positive could be that several of the actors from The Orville are continuing to work with series creator Seth MacFarlane on his current projects. This would, most likely, give them a better opportunity to be available for the future if a series renewal does happen.

Penny Johnson Gerald, who portrays Dr. Claire Finn, on The Orville, recently appeared in two episodes of MacFarlene's newest comedy, Ted, which is based on the successful movie of the same name. Also joining Gerald on Ted is Scott Grimes, who portrays Lt. Gordon Malloy on The Orville. Grimes has also made vocal appearances on American Dad and Family Guy. Peter Macon, better known as Bortus on The Orville, has been in seven episodes of Family Guy while J. Lee, who plays Lt. Cmdr. John LeMarr, has been heard in six episodes of American Dad.

Counting MacFarlane, that's five of the main stars of The Orville, who continue to work together and remain in one another's circle. That might not seem like a big deal, but it does say that these actors haven't strayed too far from The Orville. And it could potentially say they are keeping their options open for a renewal of the science fiction series.

Only one actor has outright rejected the possibility of returning, and that's Adrianne Palicki, who was clear that she wasn't doing that anymore when she appeared on Michael Rosenbaum's podcast, Inside of You. Though some fans might not like it, Palicki could be replaced or the character could be written out altogether. Either way, it wouldn't stop the show from proceeding it if does get renewed.

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