Star Trek is getting back in the soccer game already

Star Trek fans are going to want to check these uniforms out.
1. FC Union Berlin v Bayer 04 Leverkusen - Bundesliga
1. FC Union Berlin v Bayer 04 Leverkusen - Bundesliga / Boris Streubel/GettyImages

Star Trek's home of Paramount+ is doing the best it can to encourage people to watch the last season of Star Trek: Discovery. They're doing this in part by partnering up with soccer teams around the world and letting their Delta Symbol be utilized in a series of uniforms or "kits" as they're called. We recently saw Star Trek designed uniforms for Union Berlin, which wasn't surprising as their sponsor is Paramount+.

We then wrote about the four other teams we'd like to see them sponsor but focused on other sports teams that had a team nickname that would fit with the Star Trek brand. Now, however, we find out that yet another soccer team will be showing off new Star Trek jerseys.

Inter Milan, a soccer team out of Italy, has also signed up with Paramount+ to serve as their sponsors this season, and in doing so, the soccer team will also now feature new jerseys sporting the famous Star Trek Delta Symbol.

According to Football Italia, Inter Milan will wear these special edition jerseys against rivals Cagliari during the Series A. The theme of the game (or match) is going to be Star Trek-related. As the article states, Inter Milan replaced Digitalbits with Paramount+ after Digitalbits broke their contract with the soccer club.

The Star Trek-themed jerseys will be on display against the Cagliari Calcio club this weekend on April 14, 2024. The team will have three different jerseys, with the club wearing the home version this Sunday. The home is a black and blue striped one at the center of the above Twitter post.

The away jersey, or kit, is the white one, with the blue sash on it, while the designated jersey is the orange one. All three will be on sale. The designs of the jerseys are in line with what they were wearing previously, with the Star Trek Delta Symbol replacing the standard Paramount+ logo.