Star Trek offers a glimpse of a positive future, but is there too much negativity to see it?


Since its inception, Star Trek has portrayed a brighter future, one where all differences are accepted. Yes, there are still battles and differences, but people come together to fight the bad. There is a lot of focus on what can be done instead of what can't be done. And there is always hope even in the direst of circumstances. No, Star Trek isn't perfect. Certainly no franchise can be, but at least it tries to bring light to the fans. Unfortunately, we don't always see that light.

Different series have always had their naysayers, and some fans will jump at any opportunity to turn something positive into a negative. I've been guilty of it myself. But now it's gotten to the point where the negativity is starting to outweigh the positivity, and that can end up hurting Star Trek and its future.

Yes, there are things we don't like about certain shows, and our opinions are valid. But is it necessary to state that opinion over and over? Wouldn't it simply be easier to move on from what we don't like and focus on what we do? If Star Trek: Discovery isn't your favorite series, why not talk about how much you love Star Trek: Prodigy instead? If you've found a kinship with Discovery but despise Star Trek: Lower Decks, consider posting the good things about that series. Positivity not only helps Trek; it helps us all.

Star Trek offers so much to its fans, and even though not every episode hits it out of the park, it continues to be a force for good. The franchise is trying to make a difference and do more than just entertain. And so much good has come from Star Trek, beginning with Nichelle Nichols helping NASA break boundaries and open doors. Other Trek actors are using their voices to make a difference, too , and it's because of the entertainment they brought to fans that they are heard.

We're never all going to agree on what Star Trek is or how it's going. We're all different and like different things, but can we all just agree that it's great to still have Star Trek around? It is one of the biggest fandoms in the world, and thankfully, it doesn't look like it's going anywhere. Isn't that a positive we can focus on? We certainly shouldn't silence our voices, but maybe we could temper some of the negative with a positive every now and again.

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