Star Trek: Picard was no one's best work

Sorry Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis, but Star Trek: Picard was no one's best work
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Star Trek: Picard had one heck of a run. Not a great run, but a run for sure. The first season was marred with a dark tone and little to excite long-time fans of the show, while season two really went full ham with the Borg-are-good idea. Fans seemed like they were done with the series until everyone found out that the Next Generation cast was coming back in full to round out the final season of the show.

Finally, what everyone wanted was finally going to happen. A third season full of reunions, memorable moments, and fantastic storylines would finally be given to the fandom. Well, one of those things ultimately was. The fans liked the third season a lot, despite the nonsensical plot, wooden new characters, and assassination attempts of various characters.

And while it'd be fraudulent to say most of the cast didn't showcase their talents, as Todd Stashwick as Captain Liam Shaw ate his scenes up, most of the returning stars didn't have their best outings with the franchise. As our very own Rachel Carrington wrote, Even Marina Sirtis thought her performance was lacking.

""I think Jonathan said that because he got to do stuff that he’d never done before. It was outside the box for him. I don’t think that it was my best work. I don’t think I was in it enough for it to be my best work. But it was fun. It was definitely fun.""

And Sirtis isn't wrong, it was far from her best work. It was far from a lot of people's best work. The show dragged at times, and the writing was overly bland. So many amazing talents were brought back just to die in cameo roles and the plot revolved around so much serendipity that you'd have better luck winning the Mega Millions than you would having the events of this show come together organically.

Not every member of the cast came up short, however, but the hype for Picard died when the show ended, and while there is hope that its spinoff show, Star Trek: Legacy happens, the odds of that are lower than ever.