Star Trek: Prodigy consultant schools fan who discounts the series as canon


By now, this really doesn't need to be said because it's so obvious, but I'll say it anyway. Plenty of people don't like any of the Star Trek projects developed after Star Trek: Enterprise ended in 2005. But the subsequent series and reboot movies do have their own fair share of fans. One Twitter/X user doesn't happen to be one of them. Shadow Mann, who goes by the handle of @shadowmann9, posted back in March that not only was Prodigy not canon, neither was Discovery, adding additional comments that culminated with a declaration of "No Nu Trek is not Star Trek and will be forever separate."

David Mack, who has written many Star Trek novels, co-written two scripts for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and was hired to be a consultant for both Star Trek: Lower Decks and Star Trek: Prodigy, had something to say on May 22 about the fan's statement and issued one of his own that included a strong correction.

The debate as to what is or isn't canon in Star Trek has been ongoing for many, many years, but, in all honesty, it's not up to fans to make an official decision, though, we can certainly still have an opinion. The studio, producers, and writers call the shots when it comes to whether or not Dal and the his crew from the Protostar and Captain Michael Burnham are part of the original Star Trek canon. Yes, there are discrepancies and continuity issues, but that doesn't change what has been decided from the higher-ups. Ex Astris Scientia does a fantastic job of breaking down the issues faced by each series and how canon is still established.

Even with Mack's assertion that Prodigy is a part of canon, there will still be plenty of naysayers who don't agree with him. That's certainly their right, but, if you want to know where canon exists in Star Trek, it's probably best to take it from those who are an actual part of the continuation of the franchise.

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