Star Trek: Prodigy could continue to fill the gaps between the series


W A R N I N G: This post contains spoilers from Star Trek: Prodigy, season 2, now streaming on Netflix.

Star Trek: Picard begins in the year 2399 and skips over a large portion of both Admiral Picard's friends and castmates as well as those from Star Trek: Voyager. Although it introduced Seven of Nine in season one, we didn't learn much about her other than she had joined the Fenris Rangers and had been rejected by Starfleet. And though it was wonderful seeing Dr. Beverly Crusher again, we missed out on key elements that would have enhanced the character.

Star Trek: Prodigy began its first season in 2383, and while season two of Star Trek: Prodigy didn't give us any information on Seven of Nine, it did, thankfully, give us a quick peek into Dr. Crusher's life, including the off-screen introduction of her son, Jack Crusher. But one of the best moments was Wesley Crusher's return and his seeing his mother for the first time in years then meeting his little brother.

In just a few short scenes, Prodigy has not only picked up where Star Trek: Voyager left off but also Star Trek: The Next Generation. And it did so in such a way that it was extremely organic and didn't feel shoehorned in.

With so much time taking place between Prodigy and the beginning of Picard, there are vast areas left to be explored, and plenty of characters who could be brought back to the limelight. If the series were to get picked up for a season three, which as well it should, the seamless way Prodigy integrated Wesley Crusher into the plot showed just how right the team behind the series is.

Prodigy could provide an opening that would allow us to know more about characters from other series like Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and pick up where other series have left off. With animation, a lot more things are possible, and Prodigy looks to be heading in the right direction by becoming fully immersed into Trek lore. A third season would provide endless possibilities as the new Starfleet crew of ensigns embark on their next exploration.

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