Star Trek: Prodigy creators are open to bringing back the series even if not for a third season


Star Trek: Prodigy returns to streaming on July 1st with all twenty episodes of the second season of the CGI-animated series debuting on Netflix. The fans are understandably excited and hopeful for additional seasons. Kevin and Dan Hageman, the creators of Prodigy, are hoping for the same, but they're also open to bringing the series back in other ways.

When speaking with Screenrant to discuss Prodigy's second season, Kevin Hageman was asked about the production team for the series and basically, where things stood. Hageman expressed that the team "would love" to come back, and he wasn't just talking about for a third season. Hageman and his brother are open to the series returning as a movie or even a sequel.

"Well, it's been a while [since] we finished [season 2]. We don't have offices anymore. We're in our homes right now. I know that everyone in our crew, we had such a delight working on this show. So, I look forward to that day when we can make that call, we get a call from Alex Kurtzman, and they're like, 'Netflix has an appetite [for more Prodigy]'. Whether it's an animated film, a sequel, or if it's a third season. But to be able to call up our crew and actors, I know everyone who can would love to come back."

Kevin Hageman

The creators have previously said that season two could serve as a wrap-up to the series if no additional seasons are ordered, but it also could be a bridge to more stories about Dal and his crew. It all boils down to numbers. That is what Netflix will be interested in when Prodigy premieres on July 1st. The more viewers, the better the series' chance of gaining another thumbs-up from Netflix. With all of the effort the fans have put into this series, I can't imagine they won't be tuning in the very first day. And fans of Star Trek: Lower Decks have good reason to tune in as well!

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