Star Trek: Prodigy's streaming numbers could help Star Trek: Lower Decks' renewal chances


All good things must come to an least, that's the saying. But when it comes to Star Trek and the series, fans are adamant that they don't want Star Trek: Lower Decks to come to an end. The animated comedy is wrapping up after five seasons, but there's a campaign underway in the hopes of finding another home for the series. And while some think renewal chances are less than stellar, July 1st could have a big impact on whether or not that actually happens.

July 1 is the date all twenty episodes of season two of Star Trek: Prodigy release on Netflix. And, after an eighteen month hiatus from our screens, fans are ready and excited. All of this came about after the series was cancelled in April 2023 by Paramount+ and removed from the streaming channel. It wasn't something fans took lightly, and the campaign to save the series ranged from petitions to aerial banners flying over various streaming channels' headquarters. And the rally cry worked, with Prodigy getting a season two pickup at Netflix. But what does Prodigy's success have to do with Lower Decks?

The streaming numbers for Prodigy could have an impact on whether or not Netflix will consider picking up Lower Decks for a sixth season. If the viewers turn out in droves on July 1st and the days following, like it is expected, the streaming giant could see the rationale in bringing in another animated series that bears the Star Trek name.

There are no guarantees, of course, but Netflix, like all other streaming channels, pay close attention to the numbers, and a wildly successful launch of the second season of Prodigy could make the executives turn an eye towards what could potentially be another success. It's definitely something Lower Deck fans might want to consider on July 1st. By helping Prodigy's numbers, they could end up saving their favorite Star Trek show.

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