Star Trek: Prodigy creators hope for a live action version of the series


Star Trek: Prodigy returns to streaming tomorrow, July 1st, on Netflix. All twenty episodes will be available to watch, and these could possibly be the last new episodes of the animated series as there is no guarantee Netflix will grant Prodigy another season. Originally, according to Inverse, Paramount+ only picked up the series with a two-season order, and the creators, Kevin and Dan Hageman, have said that season two effectively wraps everything up in case there isn't a season three. But there's also an opening left for more adventures with Dal and his crew should a renewal happen. Or maybe something else could happen instead.

In an interview with Inverse, Kevin and Dan Hageman shared some more information on what viewers can expect during season two, but it was what they said about what could happen after the end of the season that is surprising. While Kevin said there was a "lot of dreaming on Season 3," adding that it was something that could happen many years down the road. In fact, he could see the time between season two and season three even going as far as ten years. But Dan had another idea.

"Maybe there’s a live-action version of it. We’re hoping."

Dan Hageman

I've previously written about why Admiral Janeway needs to return to live action, and there has been talking about bringing Kate Mulgrew back to such a series. She has even expressed her interest in returning as well. But could it work for Star Trek: Prodigy? There would be a lot fo makeup and prostethics involved for Starfleet Academy cadet hopefuls, but it wouldn't be any different than what's happening on the current live-action series.

The fans would be more than open to seeing their favorites out of animation, and if Prodigy doesn't get picked up for a third season, then perhaps the next campaign should be for a live-action series so we can continue to follow the journeys of Dal and his friends.

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