Star Trek: Prodigy creators say season two wraps up the series but leaves an opening


Season two of Star Trek: Prodigy will release on Netflix this year.

When Star Trek: Prodigy was cancelled in April of last year, the creators, cast, and crew were surprised, and fans were upset. A campaign to save the show was successful, and Prodigy found a new home on Netflix, with season one already available on the streamer. Season two will release some time this year, but there is no guarantee of a renewal for another season.

In the latest episode of Virtual Trek Con [via Trekmovie], creators, Dan and Kevin Hageman, reveal that season two does wrap up the series. But it leaves the door open for more adventures for the crew. And given the series has already undergone a cancellation, it certainly makes sense that precautions would be taken so that no strings were left untied for the end of this upcoming season.

Netflix's acquisition of Star Trek: Prodigy doesn't come with a guaranteed renewal.

Netflix acquired the rights to season one and season two of the animated series, but Netflix executives will have to decide whether or not to greenlight a season three. That will, of course, be based on the number of viewers and how well the series does overall. So, with no guarantees that we will see more of Admiral Janeway, Dal, and the rest of the crew, it's nice to know that, even though we don't want it to end, season two does offer a "really beautiful closing," according to Kevin.

"“The end of season 1 we think is great. The end of season 2 is equally great. And it has this place where it just feels like it wraps up… it really wraps up everything you want out of seasons 1 and 2, but really opens the door to what season 3 could potentially be. Whether that hits now or in five years or whenever the time is right, it’ll feel natural, which I’m really happy about.”"

Dan Hageman

That said, the creators are clear that a door remains open, and Dan says even if season three were to come now or five years down the road, the continuation would feel natural.

"“Worst case scenario, we never get picked up again and [even if] there’s no more Star Trek: Prodigy ever, we feel like the end of season 2 is a really beautiful closing. It will feel complete. But what we do is there is a great little promise of something more to come.”"

Kevin Hageman

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