Star Trek: Prodigy creators share how fans can help get the series renewed


Star Trek: Prodigy season two debuts on Netflix on July 1st, and you would think that the best way to get the series renewed for a third season is to tune in. But there's a little more to it, especially considering its already been cancelled once. Watching the entire season within the first month of its release will certainly help, but CinemaBlend had a conversation with the series' creators, Kevin and Dan Hageman, and they offered some more tangible ways fans can help move the series closer toward a renewal.

"Share their love of it. Watch it, share their love of it, let other people know. Spread the Trek."

Dan Hageman

If you're reading the above quote and thinking this is something you already know, there's more behind this. This isn't just about asking other Trekkies to watch the series; it's about reaching those who maybe don't know about it or have been hesitant about tuning it. It's about encouraging fans of other sci-fi series to give it a try.

It's important to spread the word to viewers who are lovers of animation, especially sci-fi animation. They don't have to be Trekkies; that can come later. What's important is to get new eyes watching the series. As hard as it is to read, the current number of fans weren't enough to save Prodigy from cancellation by Paramount+. Simply put, we need to get more people invested in the show.

"I'm so happy to see the Trek audience embrace us but I think on a platform like Netflix it has to be a blockbuster. It needs a bigger audience than just the Trek audience. We need to get all those kids out there who are on Netflix, who might watch Star Wars but they don't even know what Star Trek is. We need to get those kids hooked on our show."

Kevvin Hageman

So this is about using your social media and your voice to let others know that there is this incredible animated series that showcases friendship, teamwork, working toward a dream and a common goal, respecting authority, and exploring the universe. It's a great way to get young ones excited about space and point them toward a future they may never have considered before now. Star Trek: Prodigy is so much more than a Star Trek series; it's a guide for all youth and a way to learn some of the best values in life.

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