Star Trek: Prodigy Executive Producer, Aaron Waltke, would be game for Prodigy comic


Star Trek: Prodigy is close to dropping its second season on Netflix, earning a spot on the streaming giant after being cancelled by Paramount+. The animated comedy/drama is an introduction to Star Trek and all of its rules and regulations and has proven to be a hit. Executive Producer Aaron Waltke, along with creators Dan and Kevin Hageman, have been leading the charge, and with innovative talent and unfailing drive, they shaped Prodigy into a show that is not only enjoyable but educational.

With the Star Trek universe always expanding and IDW Publishing bringing legacy characters back for new adventures in comic books, a follower of Waltke's recently launched newsletter "Haling Frequencies," asked if he'd be interested in a lead writer position should the publisher decide to launch a Prodigy comic book.

Waltke said he loved writing comic books almost as much as he enjoys reading them, adding that he is a "loyalist to Star Trek: Prodigy to the end." He went on to say he'd be "absolutely game" if IDW Publishing would have him.

"I love writing comic books almost as much as I do reading them, and I am a loyalist to Star Trek: Prodigy to the end. I’ve been at this long enough to learn I should never say never. I’d be absolutely game if they’d have me — and circumstances permitted. Likewise, many of the other screenwriters of Prodigy are also very talented comic book authors as well —I encourage you to look them up! — so I’m sure a Prodigy comic would be in great hands, if it becomes a possibility."

Aaron Waltke

It would not be surprising for a Prodigy comic book to be on IDW Publishing's radar, especially with the overwhelming success of the first season's debut on Netflix. It would certainly be interesting to see where comics would take the characters.

And speaking of Waltke's newsletter, it's only in its second week, but if you're an aspiring storyteller, creator, and are interested in the Hollywood process, you should subscribe. Waltke has started sharing some of the projects he's working on (to the extent that he can) and gives insights into what goes on behind the scenes. He's also open to answering questions so this could be a good chance to get answers to those questions you've been dying to ask.

Why fans are excited about the second season of Star Trek: Prodigy is no mystery. dark. Next. Why fans are excited about the second season of Star Trek: Prodigy is no mystery