Star Trek: Prodigy is being heavily advertised by Netflix, a strong sign of things to come

Star Trek: Prodigy looks to be getting a lot of support from Netflix, at least initially.
Star Trek: Prodigy Screening - Arrivals
Star Trek: Prodigy Screening - Arrivals / Tristan Fewings/GettyImages

Star Trek: Prodigy has gone through a lot. Debuting in 2021, the show has not seen any new episodes released since 2022. That's for a few reasons. The strikes in 2023 didn't help things, admittedly but Prodigy's long turnaround on episodes is partly because Star Trek's parent company Paramount is struggling financially. They had to cut a lot of content in recent years to try and fix their bottom line.

A bottom line that really can't be fixed, at least not when talking about Paramount+. They've drastically scaled back on series and film productions in recent years, significantly impacting Star Trek as much as anyone. The financial issues were so bad, they ended up canceling production on Prodigy's second season halfway through production of the season.

It seemed like the best move to make financially, especially since the show was directly tied to Playmates and their most recent line of action figures with Star Trek. A line that was ended due in part to Prodigy's cancelation. That wouldn't be the end of the animated series, however. Prodigy would live on again on Netflix, landing on the service at the end of 2023.

While some are concerned about the show's future on the service, and their outdated release schedule of releasing every episode at once, it appears as though Netflix knows Star Trek is a get and is acting accordingly.

In a new tweet from the streaming giant, Prodigy is listed as one of the eight series and films that are being hyped the most this July.

Prodigy's second season is being listed alongside the likes of the newest Beverly Hills Cop film, Axel F, and the first part of Cobra Kai's final season, Lost joining Netflix, Vikings: Valhalla, Elite, Sweet Home, and Receiver.

Considering how important a lot of those films and shows are to Netflix this summer, seeing Prodigy's name right alongside them gives us a strong feeling that Netflix will do what it can to ensure the series' success on the service. If Prodigy does well on Netflix, Paramount may end up opting to move more shows to the platform as concerns over Paramount+'s viability continue to grow.