Star Trek: Prodigy launches into Top 10 around the world on Netflix


Star Trek: Prodigy is available for streaming again on Netflix, and it's maing a big splash.

Despite being cancelled by Paramount+ in April, Star Trek: Prodigy was never out of the game. The series' creators, Dan and Kevin Hageman, along with executive producer Aaron Waltke, never gave up on the show and continued searching for a home for the animated program. Fans were behind them all the way, and the combined effort resulted in Netflix picking up the series to stream, and that decision is paying off.

According to Trekmovie, Prodigy appeared on the list of Top 10 Kids TV Shows in the USA at #9. Today, just three days later, it's now at #6. And with Netflix having a larger global outreach than Paramount+, Prodigy has hit the top #10 slot arouhnd the world in the UK, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand. Australia, Italy, and France. And today, it moved from #9 to #6 in the UK and from #5 to #1 in Germany. Many of these markets are getting the opportunity to see Prodigy for the very first time, and it's clear viewers are liking what they are watching!

Star Trek: Prodigy executive producer Aaron Waltke is keeping track of the rankings as are fans around the world.

Waltke recently posted to social media that Prodigy had entered the top #10 rankings for two more countries, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago!

With so much activity and great streaming numbers, this bodes well for the future of Prodigy, and it's possible we could see an early renewal for season three from Netflix once season two launches, especially since it is one of only two recently added shows to the streaming channel that hit the top ten. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Prodigy will see a third season and beyond at its new home.

Next. Seven seasons of Star Trek: Prodigy have been planned. Seven seasons of Star Trek: Prodigy have been planned. dark