Terry Matalas claims Star Trek: Legacy isn't happening and it doesn't seem to be a work on the fans

Is Terry Matalas telling the truth about Star Trek: Legacy's future?
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There's an old parlance in the pro wrestling world to work. Meaning, to keep up a facade. It's a thing the wrestlers and promoters would do mostly to "work" the fans, and keep the illusion going. The idea is to keep the illusion of a staged situation for as long as possible to further drive fans to the product. Feuds, injuries, storylines, the list is endless. It gets to the point where fans constantly examine everything, claiming anything too big to believe is a "work". It's all done to get a reaction from the audience and fandom, and it's now something that modern Hollywood has embraced.

Normally, we'd believe someone like Terry Matalas when he says that Star Trek: Legacy isn't in the works. But with the age of social media and the desire to get views on everything, we find it hard to believe anything anymore. So when Matalas told fans that Legacy wasn't happening, at least not yet, can we believe him?

Speaking with the Master Replicas Collector’s Club at the end of February (via TrekMovie.com), Matalas made sure to emphasize that the series wasn't happening, at least not yet, being quoted as saying;

"I’m working on some things I can’t talk about yet and I’m meeting on some things I can’t talk about, but they’re cool… not Star Trek: Legacy, guys, there’s no secret here. That’s not a thing… I can tell you that I am not working on anything Star Trek at the moment, but I’m enthusiastically looking forward to what they are going to do."

This comes on the heels of an alleged report that claims Star Trek: Legacy is happening and will be formally announced in the coming weeks or months. Now, if Matalas is telling the truth that he's got projects lined up that aren't Legacy, this would kill that rumor that the show was happening. That rumor, linked in blue, claims that Legacy is happening and that Matalas is a part of it. So if Matalas is off doing other projects, that would lead one to believe that the series isn't happening. At least right now.

That said, as previously mentioned, he could be "working" the fans by telling them it isn't happening, only for a major announcement to come later in the year, at something like Comic Con. The reaction from the fandom and the social media flood following this apparent announcement would be huge. So, is this all one long con, a troll job by not just Matalas, but others like Marina Sirtis and John de Lancie who also claim the show isn't likely to happen, or is everyone actually telling us the truth; that Legacy isn't happening, and we're just not believing them?

Who's to say? We'll eventually find out one way or another, but until then, it'll be awfully hard to believe anything anyone in the potential knows may say, because why wouldn't they work the fans into believing one thing, just to lay a massive surprise in their laps?