There is one cadet in particular fans want for Starfleet Academy


The recent announcement of the cast of the first three first cadets for Starfleet Academy doesn't include one particular familiar face some fans have been hoping for—Evan Evagora's Elnor from Star Trek: Picard. Of course, he's in a different century than the series will be, but as we all know, time travel changes everything. In Star Trek, there are always ways to work around the timeline. It's been done more often than once.

Elnor was the first Romulan ever accepted into Starfleet, and just as his journey at the Academy began, events of season two of Star Trek: Picard took over. Elnor died but was resurrected at the end of the season by Q as a last gift to Admiral Picard. But we don't know if Elnor returned to the Academy or if he chose to return to his former life, given everything that had happened. Quite frankly, it would be a shame if Elnor's journey to become a Starfleet officer wasn't explored, and with the series being set in the 32nd century, odds are good they might consider skipping over some "firsts" and just have many Romulans other species enrolled at the Academy.

But that would be a great loss to Picard viewers who were instantly drawn to the Romulan who took it upon himself to protect Admiral Picard. He ended up saving the lives of not only Picard but Soji and the former Borg drone, Hugh, when the Romulans attacked the Artifact. Elnor's bravery and his dedication to duty showed that he was exactly the kind of future officer Starfleet needed. But we were left with a question mark over his future, and most fans think he should have one in Starfleet.

Granted, he wasn't in the same century as the new series would be, but neither was the crew of Discovery at first. There are so many ways and reasons that Elnor could travel into the future. Being as Raffi was tapped into Starfleet Intelligence, she could access knowledge about the future of Starfleet and want to get Elnor somewhere safe. Certainly, with her motherly instincts, she'd want to protect him. Sending him 900 years into the future would give him a better chance at a life and to fulfill his goal of joining Starfleet.

In season two of Picard, Elnor got the short end of the stick, without much to do, and the character was written off for season three. That left a lot of loose ends dangling that we want to see tied. And Evan Evagora's character, with some of his backstory already told, would make the perfect addition to the new series.

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