What creators hope young fans will get from watching Star Trek: Prodigy


After being cancelled by Paramount+, Star Trek: Prodigy had no home. Thanks to the unwavering support of the fans and the determination of the team behind the show designed for young adults, Prodigy found another place on Netflix. The first season debuted on Christmas Day and hit the top ten in several countries. Now fans are waiting for the second season of the series which should release sometime this year, although, we don't have a solid date.

Prodigy is one of those shows that is designed for young audiences, but older fans love, too. And that's just one of the many reasons why there was such an outcry when the series was cancelled...and why fans rallied behind the series to help find it a new home. There is a purpose to each episode, a lesson along with good entertainment. And speaking with Kevin and Dan Hageman, the brothers who created the series, Star Trek Explorer #11's John Kirk wanted to know what message the creators hoped the young audience would take from the show.

""You can't go through life alone. You need friends, a family, a group, and you need to work together with people." "

Kevin Hageman

This message is evident in every episode of Prodigy. Though Dal starts out as wanting to be the leader in charge of everything, it doesn't take him long to realize that he needs the rest of his team (and soon-to-become friends) and Hologram Janeway to navigate each obstacle.

""It's about the importance of communication. It's not just about one person talking, but about the team.""

Dan Hageman

Another great point the writers of Prodigy drive home with each episode. Dal and Gwyn started out as enemies, but after working together and hearing more than just what they wanted to hear, they became friends. And it was that friendship that helped saved Starfleet. Once Jankom Pog realized he was being heard, he became the engineer the team needed, and Zero became the voice of reason and comfort. Rok-Tahk, though young, has managed to communicate quite effectively with the non-talkative Murf. And after a really bumpy start, they have worked together practically seamlessly.

Kevin and Dan Hageman are achieving exactly what they want from Prodigy. Not only do the characters communicate, the fans communicate as they did with other streaming channels to uncancel the series no one wanted to lose. It's a satisfying achievement for all concerned.

Janeway/Chakotay reunion is happening in season 2 of Star Trek: Prodigy. Janeway/Chakotay reunion is happening in season 2 of Star Trek: Prodigy. dark. Next