What differences you can expect in season two of Star Trek: Prodigy


Season two of Star Trek: Prodigy is right around the corner, with all twenty episodes dropping on Netflix on July 1. Season one of the series introduced us to Dal and his crew and brought back Captain Janeway in holographic form. Viewers spent the season getting to know about the crew of the Protostar and following them on their journeys toward what became their dream of attending Starfleet Academy. At the end of the season, they weren't granted admission to the Academy, but they'll be working aboard the new Voyager under the tutelage of both Admiral Janeway and The Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager. And while season one was mostly episodic, that's not the case for the second season.

Trekmovie asked series creators Kevin and Dan Hageman about any changes for season two, and because of the time travel involved with finding Captain Chakotay and Gwyn's return to Solum, more serialization is involved. In fact, according to Kevin Hageman, there are more two-part episodes in the back half of the season which leads to a "highly serialized ramp-up."

"The quintessential part was: this is a show for new people who don’t know anything about Star Trek. So we wanted to make sure we continue this idea of the greatest hits. What are those elements? Like Tribbles and Vulcans and what makes Star Trek great? So that’s something we wanted to bring back. What was new is how at the end of season 1 we had set up Gwyn going off to present-day Solum. We knew Chakotay was on future Solum. And we were like, “Oh my God, this is going to be a time travel season… and this is going to be a tricky one.” So we discovered it’s a little more serialized than season 1. Like there are more 2-parters, especially in the back half of season 2 it’s really feeling like a highly-serialized ramp-up."

Kevin Hageman

Dan Hageman added that while the first season was all about the crew being chased, whether by the Diviner or Admiral Janeway, this second season is "more of The Odyssey." The crew are on a mission, and the season is about taking them on that mission while they explore the next steps in their journey to becoming Starfleet cadets.

Watch all twenty episodes of season two of Star Trek: Prodigy, Monday, July 1 on Netflix.

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