Why a Star Trek: Enterprise movie is a better idea than another Star Trek reboot movie

Stephen Shugerman/GettyImages

Star Trek fans are less than impressed over the recent revelation that the upcoming Star Trek prequel movie will focus on first contact and the creation of Starfleet. Chad Porto just shared some of the social media comments, and none of them welcomed a film that is essentially Star Trek: First Contact and StarTrek: Enterprise combined into one set in the Kelvin Timeline.

We've seen the origins of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock in the Kelvin Timeline, which we had not seen in The Original Series. That doesn't make it canon in the Prime Timeline, of course, but at least it was different. But creating a movie now that is focused on something that was covered in a successful movie and four seasons of a television series that many still adore opens the door to many questions. One of them being: if you want to explore more about the beginning of the Federation, why not just expand on Star Trek; Enterprise?

No movie is going to be able to do first contact better than First Contact did, but there are plenty of unanswered questions about the beginning of the Federation that could be covered in a movie. The cast from Enterprise need a wrap-up movie, the actors clearly have the talent to bring in the fans, and this would be a great way to show fans that the powers-that-be really are listening like Alex Kurtzman has been saying.

Star Trek has exceptional talent in its actors from Enterprise, and there were some fairly large threads left dangling when the series ended. The film doesn't have to start right where Enterprise left off, but it would be doing a great service to the fans to show the beginnings of the Federation and possibly even Captain Archer's turn as President of the Federation (even though this never took place in a series or movie).

Fans want a Star Trek movie that is about new ideas and new adventures. Just look at how successful the third season of Star Trek: Picard was. It had most of the same talent from Star Trek: The Next Generation on a new adventure. And it was a phenomenal hit. So instead of going backwards, the studio/producers need to consider moving forward with the cast we know can get the job done.

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