Wil Wheaton is all for getting Nicolas Cage on Star Trek

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Since Nicolas Cage has expressed his desire to be "on the bridge of the Enterprise," not only has Star Trek: Picard season three showrunner, Terry Matalas, come out in support of the idea, Wil Wheaton, who portrayed Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation, is giving the idea the big thumbs-up, too.

At the recent Saturn Awards, Screenrant spoke with Wil Wheaton who was able to join the stars of The Next Generation onstage for the Lifetime Achievement Award, about Nicolas Cage and bringing him aboard Star Trek. Wheaton thought he would be "amazing" on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and "phenomenal" on Star Trek: Lower Decks. Wheaton expressed his praise for what the actor could bring to the franchise by saying he could "Nick Cage all over the place."

"Now there's a big movie— Get Nicolas Cage in Star Trek. I can see that. That seems like not a very heavy lift. When we did Next Generation, it was always so exciting and validating when someone I thought was amazing wanted to come do one line on our show. Or no lines on our show. Just be on our show. And now we see on the current Star Trek shows amazing performers. Todd Stashwick on Picard, Tig Notaro on Discovery. Just phenomenal actors. If someone like Nick Cage was like, 'Listen, I would love to come Nick Cage all over the place?' I think he would be amazing on Strange New Worlds. He would fit into Strange New Worlds. He would be phenomenal on Lower Decks. We know what Nick Cage does better than anyone else, and if he brought that Nick Cage list to one of our things? Wow! That's the Star Trek I want to be part of."

Wil Wheaton

Wheaton knows what Star Trek fans would like as he's been a part of the franchise since 1987 and has had the opportunity to speak with a lot of great actors from across the Star Trek series as host of The Ready Room. So if anyone knows what actor would work in a series or in a movie, it would be Wheaton.

Now that Matalas is excited about the prospect of writing for Cage and Wheaton behind the idea, is it just a matter of time before Paramount sees just what having an actor of Cage's talents could do for the franchise? Let's hope so!

Nicolas Cage says he’s in the Star Trek family not Star Wars. Nicolas Cage says he’s in the Star Trek family not Star Wars. dark. Next