Will another Star Trek series ever make it to seven seasons?


Star Trek: Voyager was the last Star Trek series to end after seven seasons. The Nu-Trek shows don't seem to be heading in that direction. Star Trek: Picard came to an end after three seasons, and Star Trek: Discovery is wrapping after five seasons. Star Trek: Prodigy was cancelled after only one season on Paramount+, but it fortunately found another home on Netflix. Still, the overall potential for a long-running series doesn't seem too hopeful.

Both Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ran for seven seasons. No other Trek series has gone beyond the holy grail of seven. Right now, all eyes are on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds which is currently filming its third season. The series is going strong, coming off two extremeley successful seasons, and if any show could push to the finish line established after The Next Generation ended its run, it would be that show.

But we are in the age of streaming, and those series generally don't run as long as those airing on television. Trek fans are already disappointed by the shorter seasons of current shows, giving us ten to thirteen episodes when, in the past, there were often more than twenty per season. And we all know that the series that are currently being produced are much costlier than those in the 1900s and early 2000s. So shorter seasons could be seen as a cost-cutting effort, but will Paramount cut the seasons to for all shows?

There have already been questions about whether this is the final season for Lower Decks, but, so far, nothing has been announced. The Discovery cast and crew learned of the cancellation shortly after they'd wrapped for season five. Lower Decks is still in production, and Discovery's fate has to have some people on edge.

Did cost lead to Discovery's cancellation? Or is Paramount going to push for more series with less seasons? And will we ever see a seven-season long run again? I think all eyes will be on Lower Decks after it begins airing its fifth season. A cancellation afterwards could establish that Paramount has a specific end date in mind for all series.

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