Will the Star Trek: Origins movie bring back Captain Jonathan Archer?


A new Star Trek movie is coming, and, as we already know, it will be set decades before Captain Kirk's time aboard the Enterprise. At present, we're not sure which timeline the movie will actually take place in, but with the events of the movie happening before Enterprise NCC-1701, it opens the door for a possible Captain Jonathan Archer return...or maybe even an Admiral Archer appearance.

Captain Archer was the first captain of the Enterprise, and fans have longed for the return of this captain, even if only on an episode of one of the current Star Trek series. Though not much is known about when the exact setting will be, there would certainly be a possibility for the return of Archer in his later years. Additionally, considering the movie will be set decades before Kirk and not centuries before, there's every reason to believe we could see characters that were aboard the first Enterprise.

With Paramount going back in time instead of forward, perhaps this is the studios way of re-introducing characters. That doesn't necessarily mean Scott Bakula would play the part of Captain Archer, although that's what fans would want. If the movie is set in the Kelvin timeline then there's every reason to believe all characters would be recast as they were in the Star Trek 2009 movie.

One thing is for sure, as Screenrant points out, Bakula's Captain Archer had the shortest tenure as Captain of the Enterprise, and bringing him back to correct that is just the right thing to do. Would a movie suffice for fans? Possibly, but only if other characters were invited back as well. Now that more and more viewers are finding Star Trek: Enterprise, it stands to reason that Paramount would want to plumb the depths of possibilities when it comes to the future of the Enterprise.

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