X-Men producer Simon Kinberg could lead the future of Star Trek movies

Eric Charbonneau/GettyImages

X-men producer, Simon Kinberg could be the next producer on the newest Star Trek movie which is going to be yet another reboot of the franchise. Right now, Kinberg is in talks, according to The Hollywood Reporter, so nothing is definitive as of yet, but there are two big "ifs" at play that could change the future of Star Trek.

If Kinberg does sign on as producer of the Star Trek: Origins film and that movie is a success, he could take an "active creative role" on future films, which could potentially mean more rebooted movies set in yet another timeline or continued in the Kelvin Timeline. And while new projects from Star Trek should be celebrated, fans are understandably concerned already about the direction this new film is taking as it's supposed to involve the first contact with alien life and the founding of Starfleet, which, as we all know, has already been done and done well.

With Star Trek bringing yet another producer onboard to either work alongside J.J. Abrams or individually, it stands to reason that the big-screen movie side of the franchise is going to continue. But where will it go from here? Will there be a big-screen reboot of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager, or Star Trek: Deep Space Nine? Can we expect to see the cast from Star Trek: Enterprise replaced with new, younger versions?

As I said, new projects can be a good thing for Trek, but only those projects that don't turn away the fans. Granted, a reboot might draw in viewers who've never seen a Star Trek episode which would light the path to a future generation of fans, but that could end up being at the cost of the current fans, the ones who've been here since practically the start of the franchise.

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