Brent Spiner Causes A J.J. Abrams / New Trek Show Controversy


Brent Spiner misspoke and said J.J. Abrams would be part of CBS’ new Star Trek series.

ICYMI: A new rumor says that CBS’ new Star Trek show might be set post Star Trek: The Next Generation.

We’ve all bumbled and misspoken before, but we aren’t all Brent Spiner.  According to 1701 News Spiner was being interviewed by Collider for his upcoming appearance in Independence Day: Resurgence when he said this about the new CBS Star Trek series:

"“You know, I’m looking at the people they’ve lined up working on it, and J.J. just came aboard as a producer,” former “Star Trek: The Next Generation”"

J.J. is obviously a reference to J.J. Abrams, who has not be announced as being a part of the new CBS Star Trek series. This would be huge news; it would mean that despite all the reports that the new series would not be in the Star Trek prime reboot universe  it might well set there be after all.

1701 News did an article on this big shocking news, then this happened…

So it looks like just a case of Brent Spiner thinking he read that somewhere, it’s happened to all of us. Of course when we mix something up we don’t usually set a fanbase on fire like Brent Spiner!

CBS was quick to clear things up with Data.

Actually though this does give us some good information.  CBS denying that JJ is involved in the new series lends more credence to those rumors that the new Star Trek series will not be set in the prime universe.

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Don’t worry about it Brent, our positronic brain isn’t what it used to be either.