5 Reasons Star Trek On CBS All Access Is A Bad Idea

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Here are 5 reasons that it’s a bad idea for CBS’s new Star Trek show to be aired exclusively on their streaming service CBS All Access.

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CBS is going to show the first episode of their new Star Trek series on broadcast TV, and then show the rest of the series exclusively on their streaming service CBS All Access. CBS believes that Star Trek can be the tentpole of their leap into the realm of streaming and make their service profitable, but will it be good for you?

Here are 5 reasons that the new Trek being on CBS All Access is a bad idea:


CBS hopes that Star Trek will bring flocks of fans to their streaming service, but right now that service has a very limited audience. CBS says that by 2020 they hope to have 8 million subscribers for CBS All Access and Showtime Streaming, but they aren’t there yet.

Even if the new Star Trek is absolutely fantastic if people can’t see it it’s going to fail and fail hard. Did we learn nothing from relegating Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise to UPN?

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