Zachary Quinto Honors Leonard Nimoy


Zachary Quinto paid tribute to Leonard Nimoy on Friday night at a star-studded event held by Paramount.

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We already know that Star Trek Beyond will feature some sort of tribute to Leonard Nimoy, but the original Spock was also honored at the Star Trek Fan Event held on Friday at Paramount Studios in California. The event gave the stars of the upcoming movie Star Trek Beyond  a chance to showcase their latest trailer and promote their efforts on the latest movie in the mega franchise.

Zachary Quinto also took the opportunity to honor the late Leonard Nimoy with a moving tribute to the Star Trek legend. Quinto told the audience that he had a close relationship with Nimoy and hoped that he would have been proud of his work:

"“When I got this role I never imagined how my life would change, not only because of the creative experience but even more because of the personal experience with Leonard Nimoy and the relationship I forged with Leonard. And now that he is gone, I feel even more grateful that relationship has led me to my relationship with his family, and I love them like my own.”"

Later that day, a nearby road was renamed Nimoy Way, in honor of The Original Series actor who sadly passed away in February 2015. The road was significant because it lined the path where the first Star Trek movie was filmed. Fittingly, Quinto led the tribute with a toast:

"“So many actors in the future are going to be stumbling their way around the lot and [Nimoy] will guide their way, like he guided mine.”"

Quinto later spoke to reporters and told them that Nimoy continued to have a huge influence on everyone involved with the franchise.

"“In a way I feel like he’s actually more a part of this film then he was of the other two,” said Quinto, who noted that Nimoy has a powerful presence despite being gone. Everybody on this film showed up to work celebrating his life and his indelible contributions to this franchise because honestly I don’t really see how it could have lasted as long as it did without him.”"

It was a classy tribute to Nimoy, who deserves all of the accolades bestowed upon him; it was also fittingly presented by Quinto, who we think has done a pretty sterling job the last two movies. We hope that he continues this into Star Trek Beyond, and then beyond.

Of course, we have to remember the time they starred together in the car commercial…

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