Michael Dorn Wants To Make A Non-Trek Sci-Fi Show


The new Star Trek series means a possible end for The Worf Chronicles, but Michael Dorn has a back-up plan.

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The Star Trek universe recently rejoiced as CBS announced that a new Star Trek series will shortly begin filming and return to our television in early 2017. It’s been more than ten years since Enterprise went off air and Star Trek fans have been begging for a new series on the small screen, so much so that many fans banded together in their struggles and created their own shows based on Star Trek. They were never allowed to make money from the productions, but the aim was to kindly inform CBS that there is still a market for the show and the fans are still pining for it.

So that’s that then? No need for fan films anymore? If I owned Star Trek I certainly wouldn’t want anyone making a similar show with the name I owned at the same time as me. Well, Michael Dorn, who played Worf and logged more hours than any other actor in the franchise, was one of the most vocal fan film supporters and he wanted to make his own show about the character he played for so long. Fans dubbed the show The Worf Chronicles and were excited about the idea. The announcement of the new official series seemingly ended Dorn’s ambitions but he remains defiant. (See what I did there, Defiant?)

"“We were always aware that this was a possibility and we have a plan B. The idea that we have is a great idea, so what we’d like to do is use it to start a new franchise. I think if we populate [the series] with Star Trek franchise actors, I think that’s a good place to start. We’d be able to promote it through the conventions we already do, and the great thing about it would be that we’d own it. We’d be free to do what we wanted to do.”"

Did anyone else read that in Worf’s voice, or was it just me?

So Dorn now wants to create his own Science Fiction television concept and use Star Trek actors to fill the major roles. It would mean the end of Worf and he wouldn’t be able to use any of the Star Trek universe but he wouldn’t have much trouble finding old friends to co-star in the show, given his popularity among the franchise. And, from a financial point of view, he wouldn’t be bound by the rules imposed on fan films and he could make money from the show.

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Could he make it a success? Perhaps a new Firefly-style show? What’s your favorite Worf memory? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below.