Deep Space Nine Ended 17 Years Ago Tonight


On the anniversary of Deep Space Nine’s finale we look back at the series that changed Star Trek forever.

ICYMI: News about the staff behind the new Star Trek series continues to trickle out of CBS as Kirsten Beyer is announced to have joined the team.

Every Trekkie has a favorite Star Trek series; some fans love The Original Series and Kirk, Spock, and Bones, some fans want to serve under Captain Picard, there are even allegedly fans who love Star Trek: Enterprise the most. I love all the Star Trek series myself, but Star Trek: Deep Space Nine will always hold a special place in my heart.

Deep Space Nine changed Star Trek forever, it took Trek places it had never been before while centering the series on a stationary space station. (Stationary other than when O’Brien made the station move to the wormhole.)

DS9 was a fantastic war story serial saga that showed us how the Federation’s beliefs would hold up under the threat of the Dominion. The serial nature of DS9 changed the monster of the week format that Star Trek fans were used to seeing in The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation. 

Deep Space Nine challenged us to think about those Federation ideals, and how they wouldn’t always be easy to stick to. The problems the crew of Deep Space Nine face couldn’t always be solved with a trick of logic or a fantastic scientific solution.

I think DS9’s greatest though was in its characters. It doesn’t matter if it’s the simple Cardassian tailor named Garak, a Ferengi named Quark, or a shapeshifter named Odo, we connected and saw ourselves in these deeply flawed alien characters. The crew of the Enterprise were mostly human, but also so perfect that it was sometimes hard to identify with them.

Deep Space Nine went where no Trek had gone before. It even had a charecter based on Norm from Cheers.

So why not celebrate this great

Star Trek

series and watch the DS9 finale tonight?

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