Star Trek, Where Are They Now: Linda Park


Linda Park played Enterprise’s Communications Officer, Hoshi Sato, but what has she been up to after leaving Star Trek?

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I always keep an eye out for Star Trek actors in new shows and I often feel strangely attached to them, hoping they make a success of themselves in the post-Trek world. I was really happy when Kate Mulgrew did so well in the award winning Orange is the New Black and I was eager to see what the other stars are up to.

I liked Hoshi Sato as a character because I felt she had a lot of depth. She wasn’t entirely confident with the whole spaceflight thing at first and it took her a while to become a reliable officer. She soon got into the swing of things, and by the time she became Empress Sato in the mirror universe episodes towards the end of the final season, I felt she was a great character.

Recently, Linda Park has been keeping herself pretty busy and she has come a long way from Star Trek. She has multiple projects currently in production and more on the way. She recently finished filming an indie-film called A New York Christmas which co-stars Jamie Bamber, Tracie Thoms as well as former Star Trek actors Lee Meriwether and Richard Herd.

A New York Christmas follows 6 couples and their trials and tribulations in love and romance. The stories are set over the holiday period and focus on one night in a Manhattan hotel. Park’s character is a Korean fashion expert whose father’s death prompts her to reveal a well-kept secret from her ex-boyfriend.

Park is also involved in a new show written by Scott Lowell, called Adoptable!, about someone searching for their biological parents. Park plays Jennifer Lim, who is directing a documentary that follows a successful actor searching for his roots. Former ER heartthrob, Noah Wyle, is also involved in the show as well as Emily Swallow and Sharon Gless.

She recently starred in Unbelievable!!!!!, alongside many other Star Trek actors and  she also starred in several other shows such as Mentalist and Crash. The future looks bright for Linda Park and we wish her all the best in her acting career.

But I kinda wish she would come back like this:

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