Pictures from the Star Trek Beyond premiere


Pictures from tonight’s Star Trek Beyond premiere in San Diego.

ICYMI: Star Trek 2017 showrunner Bryan Fuller tweeted a picture of an unfinished captains chair that is probably the seat from CBS’ new Star Trek series.

Star Trek Beyond is premiering in San Diego tonight and the event looks fantastic!

Is that judge Q on the red carpet? This family is doing cosplay right!

Oh, and that red carpet, it’s A REDSHIRT!

The stars of course were in attendance!

Check out Simon Pegg’s black starfleet insignia, now that’s classy!

Adam Savage, Mythbuster and Trekkie.

Even the tickets were cool!

Adam Nimoy is on the red carpet, the first trailer to his documentary about his father ‘For The Love Of Spock’ dropped today.

Sofia Boutella who plays the alien Jaylah.

Coco was in attendance to host the event.

It’s time for Trek!

It’s really fantastic the movie is premiering at Comic-Con like this, Star Trek is all about the fans and giving some lucky fans the first look is just great! Don’t feel too jealous if you aren’t there, because we all get to see Star Trek Beyond this weekend!

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