A Star Trek cinematic universe?


Doug Jung who co-wrote Star Trek Beyond thinks Star Trek needs a Marvel or Star Wars style cinematic universe.

According to Entertainment Weekly Doug Jung who co-wrote Star Trek Beyond would like to see a Star Trek cinematic universe.

"It’s a franchise that can support different styles of movies. There’s the big action tentpole feel of Star Trek and the Enterprise, but why not try to do something that’s the Zero Dark Thirty version of Star Trek, or one that introduces some younger characters at the Academy? It’s 50 years’ worth of discovery, and obviously they’re doing that with Star Trek Discovery, but why not blow it out to a cinematic universe that has secondary characters, and smaller storylines, more intimate storylines, ones that deal with more of an espionage element versus the large-scale exploration themes of the main Star Trek."

A Star Trek cinematic universe is an appealing idea. There are so many stories you could tell in the Star Trek world, stories that don’t always feature a ship or an entire crew. There are also probably stories you could tell from the standpoint of civilians in the Federation, a viewpoint we don’t get to see enough of even in the Star Trek series.

Obviously movies with Klingon or Romulan protagonists or ships would also come into play. Sometimes Star Trek is at its best when it’s showing us something about humanity using an alien species, this would allow for that to happen on the big screen.

Still without a big force behind this kind of venture it’s probably unlikely. The biggest name in the Trek business is CBS, and CBS only has the rights to Trek on television. (Not to mention that CBS seems hell bent on destroying the Star Trek franchise.) Paramount is a big studio, but do they have the motivation or power to get something like this done?

As much as we would love to see this happen, we just don’t think it’s in the cards in the near future.

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