Star Trek: Discovery to start filming in January


Star Trek: Discovery will begin filming in January, which means casting and pre-production must be wrapping up this month.

WARNING: THIS ARTICLE MAY CONTAIN STAR TREK: DISCOVERY SPOILERS. is reporting that Star Trek: Discovery will begin filming in January. This of course means that all the pre-production will need to wrap up this month and in January before the series begins filming.

This has been a mixed month for Star Trek: Discovery. News has leaked seemingly before CBS meant for it too, and of course Bryan Fuller has now said that he is completely out of Discovery. The news leaking wasn’t a huge deal, but the Bryan Fuller news was devastating for many Trekkies.

The problem is that Star Trek: Discovery was the vision of Bryan Fuller and he had really earned the love and respect of Trekkies. Now CBS, who has shown that they don’t really understand Star Trek at all, is at the con.

Could this news now be a bit of damage control over the Fuller news? Usually we’d be thrilled to hear about filming getting going, but we’ve been told that Discovery would start filming before too, only to see it pushed back. Originally Discovery was supposed to start filming in October after all.

This also means that we should hear about who the rest of the cast is sometime this month. If our theories about what story Star Trek: Discovery is focusing on are correct that should also become apparent fairly soon with the casting news.

Discovery might be off to a rocky start, but that’s a bit of a tradition with Star Trek series.

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