Possible Star Trek: Discovery Theme Released


Composer Charles Henri Avelange tweets out what might be the Star Trek: Discovery theme.

Composer Charles Henri Avelange has tweeted out part of theme he’s composing for CBS, and he’s hinted that it might be for Star Trek: Discovery. 

When you add the hashtag #StarTrekDiscovery to something it’s hard for folks not to jump to the conclusion that this is the Discovery theme.

If this is the Discovery theme it honestly sounds great. It’s got the kind of uplifting and inspiring feel of a tradition Star Trek show theme. Now it could also be that this is just a piece for the show and not the theme itself, but at least it’s not “Faith of the Heart.”

Star Trek has a tradition of incredible music, and it appears that Star Trek: Discovery is going to follow in those footsteps.

Now Trekkies are known for being a critical audience, so we’re sure there are going to be fans who hate the new theme. If you’re really honest though it sounds great and is everything you could hope for in a new Star Trek theme.

Don’t get too excited though, the composer isn’t confirming just yet.

Nothing else can be said at this time, but that’s certianly not a denial either is it?

I’ve talked a lot about how CBS has disappointed me with some of the decisions they have made regarding Star Trek: Discovery, but a symphonic theme and Sarek being in the series are certainly moves in the right direction. Now if our theory about what the plot of Discovery is turns up correct too we might have something special here…

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