A Eulogy For Star Trek Fan Films


The Axanar lawsuit probably means the end of Star Trek fan films as we know them, so I’d like to take a moment to remember these great pieces of Star Trek culture.

The Axanar lawsuit settlement is done, and in the end it means that Star Trek fan films as we know them are probably done as well. Axanar had the money and support to fight CBS and Paramount, their acceptance of the new Star Trek fan film rules means all future fan films will probably have to follow those rules.

Many people dismiss fan films, but all fan films, especially Star Trek fan films, are important. Star Trek was doubted by executives at NBC and then CBS time and time again. The love of Trekkies for Star Trek can’t be contained by networks that fail to recognize what the series could be. When Star Trek was off the air Star Trek fan films kept Trek alive.

Fan films lived at Star Trek conventions in the early years, but they really came alive with the creation of sites like YouTube.

Some are small but beautiful projects that a few people worked on.

And some were huge productions that were borderline professional quality.

No matter how big or small though Star Trek fan films helped keep Trek alive. I believe that Star Trek is the most important piece of science fiction in history, and the fans and their films are part of that tradition.

Yes the Star Trek fan film rules laid out by CBS and Paramount are limiting and are going to stifle creativity, but they are what they are. Big corporations have cancelled Star Trek before, but Trek lives on. So you know what, this isn’t a eulogy, it’s just a temporary set back. The Federation has faced long odds before and always come back victorious. Never give up, never surrender.

So to all the fans who helped carry forward the vision of Star Trek we say thank you, and live long and prosper.

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