Chris Obi Is Going To Become One Of Your Favorite Trek Stars


 We haven’t seen Star Trek: Discovery yet, but we can already tell that Chris Obi is going to become one of our favorite Star Trek stars.

You may know Chris Obi from Starz’s American Gods, or you may not be familiar with him yet, but you will be. Obi is set to play T’Kuvma a Klingon leader trying to unite the Klingon houses in Star Trek: Discovery.

We can already tell that Obi is going to quickly become a fan favorite. The evidence is all over his Twitter account.

Try not to smile while watching this, we dare you.

We haven’t had this much fun with a Star Trek star’s social media since the cast of Star Trek Beyond went crazy with Dubsmash. Obi is obviously excited to be a part of Star Trek and that’s a fantastic sign for Star Trek: Discovery and Trekkies. If Obi is fired up for the show it means that it must be a great story!

Obi will be following in the footsteps of some fantastic actors who played Klingons and became fan favorites…

Like John Colicos who played Kor the Dhar Master…

Tony Todd who played Kurn…

Robert O’Reilly who played Gowron…

and of course Michael Dorn who played Worf.

There have been some truly great Klingons played by Star Trek actors, and we have no doubt that Chris Obi is going to join this legion of greatness. Surely songs will be sung of his great deeds… but if he wants to get into Dubsmash in the meantime we won’t complain.

If you want to follow Chris Obi yourself, and we highly recommend it, you can find him on Twitter as @obidon1.

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