DeForest Kelley On His Favorite Fan Letter


You might think DeForest Kelley’s favorite fan letter had something to do with him inspiring someone to become a doctor, but the truth is a lot crazier than that.

DeForest Kelley is of course best known for playing the sometimes cantankerous and always pithy Doctor Leonard “Bones” McCoy on Star Trek: The Original Series. You might assume from his role as Bones on an inspirational show like Star Trek: The Original Series that his favorite fan letter would involve him inspiring some young doctor or med student, but you’d be wrong.

DeForest Kelley’s favorite fan letter was a lot more personal than that…

Everyone likes to be admired, and it turns out DeForest Kelley was no different. It shouldn’t be a huge surprise, after all Bones did have quite the way with the ladies.

Who can blame someone for falling for Bones though, when a man can wear a medallion like this he’s irresistible right?

That is some space swagger right there.

If you’re looking for something a little deeper in a Star Trek fan letter though check out James Doohan’s story of his favorite piece of fan mail.

If you don’t tear up a little bit hearing that then you must be a green blooded Vulcan.

Whether you’re a fan of DeForest Kelley’s fan mail or James Doohan’s the running thread here is the interaction between Star Trek stars and the fans. The actors who appear on Star Trek and the fans of the show have always had a special relationship, and we hope that continues. If Star Trek: Discovery is cast with actors like Chris Obi we’re sure that’s going to be the case.

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