Is ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ In Trouble?


This YouTube video argues that Star Trek: Discovery may be a show in trouble and sites some mysterious unnamed sources and rumors.

Ready to start your day off with some gloom and doom? Popular YouTube channel Midnight’s Edge has released a video on Star Trek: Discovery and it’s not full of Targ puppies and rainbows over Kronos.

Take this video with a huge grain of salt because much of the information in it is rumor and speculation. The video also has some facts about Star Trek: Discovery, but most of the negative rumors about the show discussed in this video are not confirmed.

Check out the rumors for yourself and make up your own mind on Star Trek: Discovery.

The biggest three rumors discussed in this video are:

  1. That CBS Chief Les Moonves doesn’t like science fiction and doesn’t have faith in the show.
  2. That Discovery will reboot or reset the Star Trek Prime Timeline.
  3. That Bryan Fuller was fired from Star Trek: Discovery.

As to the first rumor, that Les Moonves isn’t a fan of science fiction, we have no evidence of that at all. All we have to go on is what Moonves has said publicly, that he supports the show and that he thinks of Star Trek as the family jewels.

The second rumor is the biggest to me. If Star Trek: Discovery tries to reset the canon of Star Trek or undo the Prime Timeline it’s going to be a problem with fans. Star Trek is different from a lot of science fiction franchises because it has fifty years of history. This doesn’t mean that Discovery can’t set its own course, but if Discovery tries to change what happened to Kirk and Picard the fanbase is going to be unhappy. If the plan really was to change everything why not set the series after the Nemesis where it wouldn’t conflict with the rest of Trek canon?

Lastly there’s the Bryan Fuller rumors. It’s obvious that Bryan Fuller’s departure from Star Trek: Discovery wasn’t as happy and simple as CBS has said. There was certainly some sort of breakdown between the two parties that caused his departure. There’s no way to know if he was fired or what the real story was right now, maybe we’ll find out at a convention in twenty years.

Don’t get too down on Star Trek: Discovery yet though. The Discovery added two new crewmembers yesterday and one is an established star. Hopefully most of these rumors are just a result of the delays on Discovery and an overexcited fanbase. Only time will tell.

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What do you think? Is Star Trek: Discovery really in trouble? Let us know in the comments below.