Star Trek: Discovery may finally get firm launch date


CBS is set to reveal their fall lineup next week, so we may finally get a firm launch date for Star Trek: Discovery.

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CBS has seemed reluctant at best to give a firm date on when Star Trek: Discovery would officially launch. The network did finally say that Discovery would be coming this fall, but only after it had been speculated on by everyone under the sun and leaked by a Star Trek: Discovery actor. Even then the comment was made by CBS CEO Les Moonves, and didn’t come in an official announcement.

According to Inverse we may finally get that official word next week though. CBS is set to announce their fall schedule, which you’d think would have to include Star Trek: Discovery. Even though Star Trek: Discovery is set to appear on their streaming service, CBS All access, instead of on CBS itself (don’t get us started) it should still be mentioned in the lineup if it’s coming this fall.

The other side of this coin is of course that Star Trek: Discovery may not appear on the fall lineup. If Discovery is missing from the lineup does it mean that fall is out as an option? Discovery appearing in the fall lineup is sure to send shockwaves of worry though a Star Trek fanbase that’s already very discouraged about the new series.

It really is make or break time for CBS and Star Trek: Discovery. If the new series doesn’t make it to viewers this fall after missing two previous launch dates a fanbase of Trekkies who are already unhappy with CBS might completely walk away.

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