Star Trek: Discovery season extended


Star Trek: Discovery’s first season has been extended from thirteen to fifteen episodes.

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Star Trek: Discovery got some encouraging news this week. I know it may sound weird, but CBS did something that might signal that they have faith in Star Trek. Discovery was originally set to have thirteen episodes in its first season, but now according to Deadline that has been extended to fifteen episodes.

This is of course welcome news because, hey it’s more Star Trek, but it’s also good news in regards to how CBS views the show. Discovery’s debut dates being pushed back and the loss of Bryan Fuller paired with Discovery only being available on CBS All Access had soured many Trekkies on CBS. The feeling was that CBS didn’t really care about Star Trek or the show.

Hopefully the addition of new episodes shows that CBS is turning around on Star Trek and sees real potential in the new series. The trailer for Discovery was finally released last week and it’s met with mixed reviews from Trekkies. There’s no doubt that there were some continuity errors in the trailer, and the trailer having lens flares was sure to stir things up, but there were also a lot of positives in the trailer.

No matter what your personal view on the series is it looks like we will all finally be able to see Discovery this fall.

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