Discovery executive producers, cast sit down for interview


The cast and executive producers sat down for a podcast this week for an interview that covered everything you might want to know about Star Trek: Discovery.

The podcast was recorded after a Television Academy post-screening Q&A in Los Angeles. They showed episode 7, Magic to make the Sanest Man Go Mad. Then sat down with an interviewer for Variety for their podcast, Remote Controlled. 

Among the things we learned from the interview was that the episode they screened, Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad, was made in an effort to save money. The producers thought the time-loop aspect would be cheap to film and they were trying to cut costs. “In terms of the time loop, we were desperate to save money, I am not going to lie,” co-executive producer and co-showrunner, Aaron Harberts said.

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The producers also addressed something near and dear to many fans’ hearts, canon. The challenge of balancing the desire to create something that looks and feels new, but at the same time trying to make Discovery feel at home in the already established Trek universe. 

This was viewed as an opportunity, not just a challenge. They talked about getting to show how Harry Mudd came to be Harry Mudd. “He’s known in TOS as this beaten down henpecked husband to Stella. What’s fun about where we’re at in the timeline is that we get to show how that began.” Said, Aaron Harberts.

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They also talked to Wilson Cruz about playing half of the first openly gay couple in Star Trek, Sonequa Martin-Green about how her intense reaction upon getting the news that she was cast as Michael Burnham, and look and feel of Discovery as a whole. Give the whole interview a listen here. For more Discovery news and more of the creators’ thoughts on canon check out here and here