Rumors about a Picard miniseries arise


Among the coverage over the expanded five year deal for Discovery co-creator was the rumor that Patrick Stewart may be in talks to bring Captain Jean-Luc Picard back to the small screen.

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about Patrick Stewart making a cryptic comment that led many to believe that he might be ready to join the cast of Discovery. There are more rumors about Patrick Stewart reprising his iconic role for the small screen, but now there’s reason to believe that he might be helming his own standalone miniseries. Like a lot of the Trek news that’s come out this week, this is very much in the rumor phase. There have been no hints as to whether we should expect to see Picard before, during, or after the events of TNG.

We’ll have to see if rumors start swirling around other TNG alum.

Due to lack of any rumors about other cast members reprising their roles, I think we can assume that this will be a Picard solo project. But nothing is certain. These are all in the rumor stage now so we can’t say for sure what the project will look like. We’ll have to see if rumors start swirling around other TNG alum. 

The nice thing about having an actor like Patrick Stewart reprise his role is that since the man has not aged in over thirty years he can play Picard at literally any stage of his career. I would love to see a young Picard aboard the Stargazer.

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Where do you want to see Picard? On the Stargazer, the Enterprise after the departure of Riker, Troi, and Data, or navigating being an admiral? Only time will tell what we get. I’m just excited about the plethora of new Trek in the works. What do you want to see from a Picard standalone series? Comment below, on Facebook, or Twitter and we’ll collect the favorites next week.