Star Trek Books Are Coming (Kind Of)


Star Trek books are coming, but not necessarily the types some want.

Last month, I posted about the state of Star Trek books. Yesterday it was announced that there would be some books coming in the next couple of months. While many of these are non-fiction within the franchise, there is one that is perfect for the young children in your life.

There are two books coming from Little Golden Books. These books will focus on Kirk and Spock. These will be the first two books set in the Star Trek universe in the publisher’s history. These will be great ways to introduce young kids to Star Trek.

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Neither book is available for pre-order yet but will be released January 8th next year.

Dayton Ward helped out IncrediBuilds with Star Trek and Next Generation books that allow you to build versions of the Enterprise and Enterprise-D. Both of these books are available now for $16.99 on IncrediBuilds website.

Eaglemoss has its second volume of Designing Starships set for release January 9th and is available for pre-order now through Amazon. This edition covers ships made after Voyager hit the airwaves. Its cover features Voyager, a Borg Sphere, the Phoenix, and the Franklin among others.

In October, we will get the update to 2011’s Obsessed with Star Trek trivia that will include things from the three current Kelvin Timeline films.

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While this isn’t exactly the news the die-hard readers were looking for, it is at least something to look forward to.

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